Here is a nice beginners cracking tutorial, involving a crash course in: Ollydbg, peid, patching, and keygen injection

The goal of this video is to take an average computer user and either turn them onto, or start them on the course of reverse engineering

I know reverse engineering is NOT cracking, and that cracking gives it a bad name and such, but cracking is definatly a very tempting and illustrious use for reverse engineering. So like all good books, I needed a hook, hopefully these cracking tutorials will lead to more complex crackings and reverse engineerings. These videos will always be legal, and try to be relaxed and fun.

Here are the tools you will need:

Ollydbg (click to download)

Peid (click to download)

prolixe_keygenme1 (click to download)

Here is the video, have fun!