xx.xxx.xxx.xxx - I was wondering if you could use that hash exploit that you used on myspace for other sites and if so how would you go abouts doing so?

Spiff - the hash exploit i recently came up with was for userplace.com's software. check their website for a list of other companies that use it. The technique i used to crack the hash is universal though, and if anyone wants i can make a simulated example of it

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -Okay say you found some software that is vulnerable to Buffer Overflow, and you found some shell code to open well, a shell. How do you exploit the software exactly? Do you send the shellcode somehow?

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - i like buffer overflow and i learn about it and need some tuts ^^

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - what are some seful hints inlooking for buffer overflows?

xx.xxx.xxx.xx - ok well here is where i am at i have a program and i have found a buffer overflow. the error i get after sending 140 A\'s is access violation at attress 41414141 so it is writing to the buffer and trying to run. but how would i make it run a program like a win bind shell code that i inject through the input field? thanks man ;)

Spiff - Ok, Have not updated in a while, here at least. Posted a buffer overflow video example here