Spiffomatic64's training ground for noobs
1)Buffer overflow example
2)Simple xss
3)Myspace 1st gen hash
4)Cracking Video
5)Paper I wrote on tools for this stuff
6)Cracking tutorial by FJLJ
7)Beginner cracking
8)Kernel Patching
9)Buffer overflow video
10)Beginners Virus Analysis
11)Beginners Programming automation
12)Advanced Windows Programming hacking


1)No DOS attacks
2)Dont attack a service on this server unless specified
3)Dont spam me with a ton of questions, only use me when your really stuck
4)Use common sense, and be courtious
5)Have fun, or else...

A number of people have asked how I got into security so I figured I would answer that. Gaming. I started with doom, then Half-Life. After getting bored of Half-Life I started getting into modding, first small things like changing skins, then larger things like modifying how weapons worked. The more advanced mods required more and more coding. Once I got into programming I think (as corny as it sounds) the movie "The Matrix" got me into the idea of hacking. There was little to no real info on the web when I first started on hacking (everything was very hush hush and underground) But I found a website (hackthissite.org) that was awesome. I ended up being the first "user" to code a "challange" for the website, and was an admin for a little while (before things got too political and dramatic) The website is still great for beginners to get in the right frame of mind. After that I did some reverse engineering penetration testing for Lockheed Martin (through my college's co-op program), and here we are :)
I hope that's answered everyone's questions about myself

Heres how the site works:
Send me a question, and if i think its worth my/the worlds time
Ill answer it in the form of a simulated example to exploit.
It will have hints along the way to use if you so choose

Got a suggestion? Leave me a message!
Answers to questions worth my time